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Are You Ok? Album

Design, Illustrations and

Screen Prints for: Wasuremono

Wasuremono's 'Are You OK?' album cover design is a creative blend of vibrant aesthetics and deep introspection. Influenced by the album's exploration of mental health, the rainbow serves as a striking contrast to melancholic tracks, symbolizing the complexities of adulthood, nostalgia, and the fact that life isn’t always filled with rainbows and butterflies. Featuring the singer as a child, the artwork delves into reflective themes, capturing the poignant message of life's intricacies and the passage of time.

Inside gatefold LP​

AUOK_ MOCK UP2 back.png

Vinyl label design


Oki Doki mascot illustrated from "Are You Ok?" music video

WasuremonoRUOK Back Print.png

Wasuremono/Wilderness Records Design 


Screen Printed Merchandise 

flower man print_.png

Oki Doki merchandise


Limited Screen Print for Album Launch

Wilderness records identity for Album launch

Screen Printed limited poster

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