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Designed for: Caskshare

In a delightful collaboration with Caskshare, I've embarked on a creative journey to design two distinct pieces for their sister bottles.

As an independent bottler redefining the whisky experience, Caskshare's vision aligns with showcasing artists and writers on each label, bringing a unique touch to every bottle drawn from diverse distilleries.

Inspired by the essence of maturing whisky, I've crafted a bold and bright colour palette derived from the vivid flavors described in the whisky. Building on the theme of a "world of whisky," my mind gravitated towards an interstellar concept, envisioning whisky that's truly out of this world. Referencing my previous work, such as the "rainbow rocket," I plan to infuse a space-themed aesthetic into the label design.

To encapsulate the values of community and sharing, I propose illustrating astronauts on one bottle and robot/aliens on the sister bottle. When these two bottles stand side by side, the illustrations will harmonize, symbolizing unity through a floating liquid, perhaps resembling whisky. This innovative approach not only adds an artistic flair to the bottles but also captures the essence of togetherness and sharing, in line with Caskshare's commitment to dispelling exclusivity in the world of whisky.

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